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Artistic Souls

Just a group of creative individuals who came together with a plan and a vision. Realizing that “starving artists” is a brutal reality in any art form, we set out to eliminate that reality. You can get further working together in a like minded community with support vs working alone. Thus Triple 7 was born.



At Triple 7, our mission is to create a safe, communal space for all kinds of artists - beginners to professionals - to come together and express their creative sides. We believe in unlocking the creative within each and every one of us, To have a community to inspire creative thinking and collaborative efforts, whether it is for a non-profit project within the collective or hired work. Also, it is a platform to spotlight artists, their work, and contributions. The collective doesn’t have to stop there. if you’re simply interested in picking up a new hobby, The Collective is here to welcome you into the fold.

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